Cyber Blue is excited to announce http://www.clickfrc.org- a website designed to be a launching pad for teams by providing data, links and papers for teams to easily find information about FRC.

The website has a combination of new material, links to other team websites, links to existing resources and information on sources and “how to”.

The website is still under construction and new material is being added.

Since originally launching clickfrc.org, we have continued to add content and reference links, including “what to expect” videos from a 2012 project to assist newer teams.

When there are major updates, we broadcast that via twitter @clickfrc

Hey Chris,

For your pages, do you think you guys could create a way for others to “Suggest a Link” and then select from a dropdown menu which category the link belongs to? This might make it easier for you guys to keep things up to date and for others to add information for you to review if it belongs or not. One of those would be especially great for keeping vendor listings up to date.

Looks cool, just adding a suggestion!

Absolutely - we are very interested in adding links and references.

If you click on the “contact us” it will send an email to the team - just include the details, suggested section (or we can figure it out) and the link.

We will add something to make it more clear how to send suggestions.

Great resource !

There looks to be a slight error in your electronic devices page.

The volt meter and amp meter links should be swapped