OK, I was just browsing miscellaneous first team sites and first sites and tried going to links on 108’s site but here’s the thing, nothing works? the movies, the feedback, the about pages are all saying the page cannot be found. I’m not sure if this is just me, as I’ve occasionally had that problem with some sites, or if its their whole site but if someone could replay a message to someone that works on their site that it simply doesn’t work.


Hope this helps… :slight_smile:

http://www.soap108.com/2004/movies/il/index.cfm - Midwest Regional Videos.

http://www.soap108.com/2004/movies/gal/index.cfm - Galileo Division.

p.s.- I am not part of the soap division of our team, this links were saved in my favorites. if you need more video please contact one of the members from soap. (you will be able to find them if you look through members on chiefdelphi who are registered. sort them out with team numbers and i think its page 96, or 97 where they list all the 108 team members.)

If you go here: http://www.soap108.com/2004/events/index.cfm you can find most of the match results and award winners. The only movies I found right now are from the four divisions in ATL. I’m also not a member of the soap team so I can’t tell you when more things are going to be updated.

An easier way to do that is to search the members.

Go to the members page, then click search members on the right side of the page near the top and choose advanced search. One of the searchable fields is team number. Don’t forget to use 4 digits (0108)


whats the soap team?

The wonderful people that bring you archived video of the matches.


i know that… but arefin said how he wasnt part of the soap team on his team (108). I was wondering what the soap team was in relation to 108.

team 108 is not Soap, Just like there site says there

the Team name is SigmaC@T


Search Out Alliance Possibilities
SigmaC@T Opponent Analysis Program


Motorola & Dillard HS & Taravella HS
Plantation, Florida

You’ve reached a website devoted to providing scouting reports on all teams competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition. It is our hope that after reviewing detailed information of what a team is (or isn’t) capable of and watching how that team performed in a match that you, the strategist, will be able to perfect a winning strategy for your team and thus help you succeed in the competition.

The S.O.A.P. Team is lead by SigmaC@T Alumni from Dillard High School and other Motorola, Plantation volunteers. Most have been associated with FIRST for over 9 years. For more information on SOAP’s history visit our About section.

From scouting reports and detailed scoring results, to statistics and gigabytes of digitized video, you’ll find the SOAP Website full of information for the benefit of the entire FIRST Community.

wow cuting and pasting that was so convient , didnt realize i could just do that

hope that helps and that more people realize and read those helpful pargraphs we all choose to scroll by without notice


Most teams have subgroups on their teams. They usually are animation or mechanical or electrical, 108 happens to have a ‘record matches and put them online team’.


Exactly. The SOAP Sub-Team is a group of students who work on the soap site while the rest of us build the robot, and capture the matches when we go to competitions.

Adding to Matt, we have sub-teams on SigmaC@t. they are… Mechanical, Electrical, Software, graphics and animation and SOAP.

SOAP is one of the great sub-team of our team. :slight_smile:

p.s.- This post looks like exactly same as wetzel. i apologize that i missed his post.

All I know is I GREATLY appreciate the SOAP108 site. It made it able for me to show my family and friends some of our matches…including the MWR ones. :wink: Thanks to all the people who archive those videos, they are greatly appreciated.


Ok, well I went and searched for people on here but no specific one was really listed as SOAP’s webmaster so I tried using IE to go to the site, seems to work. Out of curiosity is anyone else having problems going to www.soap108.com and tring the links for the movies from there using firefox?

I emailed them within IE as the links actually worked.

Yah, I’m having problems getting to the movies page in firefox too. I just tried IE and it worked, amazingly. Someone ought to get soap to make their website firefox compatible.

Above posts have links to the page for the movies. (my post)…

Also Matt Kaplan pointed out some links.

please check them… it works fine with mine… i am using Firefox.

if you still have problems please contact one of the soap members.

i have firefox but i stick with IE, and i hear alot about several website not being able to do what there meant to do in firefox, but its usually resolved by getting plugins for firefox from the firefox website, perhaps someone should try and find some plugin that might be missing. if any soap members are willing to talk about the plugins required in IE to view there website correctly that would help in the search.