Wyclef Jean gives a shoutout to David Kelly?

Alright, so I’m listening to my music, and I heard this in Wyclef Jean’s “New Day (remix)”:

I’m scared now.

that is scary, I predict Dave will soon be known and feared by all :yikes: !

Thats really disturbing, especially since David is a big fan of the country music :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo buss dis. Dude, you small crum snachas didn’t noed Wyclef an’ I wuz homies? We go back to way back in de day because “I wuz born a poor black child.” Peace!

an’ fluck… yo dont be nockin on dem jonses musik

Dear Mr. Kelly,

For someone attempting to “floss with a platinum chain” (however that is done), “keep it real,” or act “gangsta,” you are acting in quite a “pranksta” method.

I respectfully request that you cease and desist your “faking the funk.”


Billfreezy fo’ sheezy widda glass of lemoneezy


That is probably the scariest thing I have seen you post ever…other then your cat with the dead rodent hanging out of its mouth :stuck_out_tongue:




Don’t be hatin’ the shizzle fa’ rizzle dizzle Kell’ homeboy!

Suburban Mode: Hey, this is pretty fun, maybe I should talk like that more often!

Ya hizzle!

::Tunes universal translator to “Gangsta”::
::Universal Translator speaks in sexy female voice::

"Listen to this. Boy, you unpopular people don’t know that Wyclef and I are good friends? We go way back because ‘I grew up in a very small house’. See you later!

And D.J., Country music rocks."   

::Universal translator blows up::

You broke my Universal Translator, you hou-zi de pi-gu! :stuck_out_tongue: