X and Y axis

We cannot figure out how to activate the x and y axis. Does anyone know how?

Can you elaborate? I really have no idea what you are talking about

There’s no such thing as “activating” the x and y axes. Do you mean reading x and y joystick values?

Did somebody post in the wrong thread by any chance? ^


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As mentioned by the people above me, you’re going to have to tell us what you mean by “activating the X and Y Axis.” Although you’re being very vague, it sounds like you’re talking about joysticks. If so, go to the WPI Robotics Library and go to robot drive, then joystick, then “Open Joystick.” That will initialize the joystick, essentially turning it on.

Next, go to the joystick palette again, and get the “Get” vi. This allows you to get button and axis information for you to use. Once you’ve done that, go to the cluster palette and get the “unbundle by name” block and plug that in to the joystick. Once you do that, you can get button and axis information. Click the unbundler and change the shown items to “X Axis” and “Y Axis.” Once you get these, you can do whatever you like to utilize the joystick. Please note that if you are using two joysticks, you will need to do this process twice. And if you’re using a tank drive, you need to use the Y Axis to drive the robot.

I hope that helped, and if you have any further questions feel free to ask!