X-Prize Rocket Explodes

Rubicon 1’s unmanned test flight rocket for Rubicon 1 exploded after getting about 200 feet in the air. Apparently, this team is going for the “cheap” route, this rocket cost $20k to build.

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um, its a good thing it wasn’t maned at the time, 20k is a little cheap for a project of this sort.

I know if I for some reason did want to go to space I would want to do it in something that costs more than your average car.

Mistakes are part of the learning curve. Hopefully they will realize what went wrong and correct it before the next attempt. It was a good shot none the less. It would have been funny if they succeeded on $20k and showed that to NASA. Imagine how much more exploration NASA could do if thier missions cost well under $100k.

On second thought that’s a bad idea. Dave would spend more time at JPL than at FIRST! :stuck_out_tongue: