X8-2200 BWM bumped

I can’t get the spindle to work on Omio X8-2200. When I have the vfd power turned on and try and do a test run like the manual says I get an err13 at around 70. Which the machine has never been used before so I wouldn’t think the spindle is burnt. I read that you don’t turn VFD power on if you are using Mach3 so when I try it that way I get a status message BWM bumped to minimum setting so needing help to make this thing run.

Since no one else took charge, I guess I’ll take a crack at it. Reader beware it’s been a while since I have laid a hand on my team’s Omio.

My first question is do you mean PWM, rather than BWM? Also, I thought you needed the VFD power on if you want to use the VFD regardless of the controller you decide to use.

This thread might be of some use to you. However, it seems to have a bad ending to it lol. I’ll keep investigating and keep you posted.

Yes it was the PWM not BWM. I was helping a student at the same time as my so got distracted with my typing. I went to the other thread and it seems others that posted about the same problem so thank you for sending me to that thread. I will post into that one also to see if anybody got a handle on it

Assuming the Spindle spins freely by hand, it’s possible your spindle has a break in the cable which has caused it to lose phase.

I don’t know if I have seen that cause a error on the black box but when we had a problem with the spindle not starting on our machine we had a broken cable caused by excessive chip buildup in the cable track.

So when you say cable break the cable was bad and you needed to replace the cable. I just check the spindle and it turns freely

Yes the back and forth action of the CNC combined with the cable track full of chips created a physical break in the cable. This can be tested by using a multimeter to look at the conductivity between pins on both sides of the cable.

This machine was 3 years old and has been used extensively. If your machine is newer than that I would think the cause to be something else but it’s easy to check.

I will email the other teacher and have him do a check on the power real quick. He got the machine last spring but the technology facilitator for the school installed software did whatever and never got the machine running. Well we have a CAD/3D Printing Class this year and started printing 2nd semester and the teacher who ordered the machine said the cnc has been a paper weight since we got it. So a few weeks ago I went through and got it setup again and got it moving but when it came time for the spindle test that is when the problem started

I’d question if they followed Omio’s instructions for their Mach3 setup. I setup my Omio X8 last night and installed Mach3 on a Windows 11 laptop, followed Omio’s configuration steps, and was able to get everything running along with the remote control.

I did get the PWM Bumped message if I tried to change the spindle speed without turning the spindle on in Mach3 first.

I’d highly recommend that you reinstall Mach3 on whichever laptop you are using with your machine, I also had issues getting the machine running until I finished configuring Mach3 as Omio instructed in their pdf, and then restarting my laptop. Make sure you also double click and run the “memoryoverride.reg” file.

I’ll try to take some screenshots tonight of what steps I had to take to get rid of the PWM Bumped message and get things working.

My experience has also been that opening up Mach3 first and then connecting to USB and then turning the machine on helps sometimes…but then other times turning on the machine first helps…hard to say what the best steps are, but I’ll try to get you suggestions tonight.

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So yesterday before I clicked the Prog button on the cnc unit and it showed P0 and I pushed the up arrow and switched to P1 and then tried it and it ran with no problems

You should basically never ever have to even touch the vfd control panel on the front of the control box unless you change out the spindle or cnc control board. It comes preconfigured and they don’t include the manual that lists what all the different parameters are.

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Yeah agreed with @Domtech I never really touch the actual control box. Have you not been able to turn on the spindle via Mach3 yet?

Also just be sure, you have the USB version of the machine, correct?

I always get PWM bump in Mach3 when I had ran it with the VFD power was not turned on. I want to say I saw in a manual I got to not have VFD power turned on if using Mach3. Before I saw that in the manual I had tried to run it in Mach3 with the VFD power turned on and it would starting spinning up but when it read 70 on CNC unit a Err13 could would appear and it shutdown. I haven’t ever actually ran it directly from the CNC unit

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