Xbox 360 Controller Programming

From Team 2676 (Ecorse RoboRaiders) We seek your help

We are new To programming in the past we had others assist, however we now have a new team member which is learning the LABVIEW Programming We have a xbox 360 VI but are not sure how to program it to our needs,

3 air pistons to program one up and down and other 2 for open and shut.

Vi File ^^

Could you please post a picture of your code? I do not currently have LabView on my personal PC and therefor cannot view your VI file to assist

Yes, and keep in mind I am a new programmer and am still learning so just if you could help with what you know that would be great

You don’t need a special xBox vi to use one.
The xbox 360 is already mapped to axes and buttons by the Driver Station and sent to your robot code.

That vi you posted seems to be intended to be a virtual xbox controller. To use in place of a real xbox. But it has to be run in Debug mode, so it wouldn’t be usable on the competition playing field.

In your code just reference and use the axes and buttons as they are provided out of Joystick Get Values.
For instance, here is Tank Drive with an xbox:

Here is how the axes and buttons are mapped to the outputs of Joystick Get Values.