Xbox 360 Controller

Hello, I am the Lord Supreme Programmer for Team 1410, and I was wondering does anyone have a list of all the buttons and axes on an Xbox 360 controller? Right now I know:
Left stick: y is 0, x is 1
Right stick: y is 4, x is 5
Left trigger: 2, but positive only
Right trigger: 3, but positive only
A button: 1
B button: 2
X button: 3
Y button: 4
Left bumper: 5
Right bumper: 6

Can anyone help me with the rest?

Plug it into the driver station and go to the usb tab. It should detect the controller and light up each button/axis when you move it

I’ve tried that but when I try to use button 8 it won’t work. I think that is the start button (left of silver x) but I could be wrong.