XBox 360

Microsoft held a press unvailing of the XBox 360. They thought nothing would leak. Heheheheh…

sweet :yikes:

Is it just me or is MS trying to look like Apple?

Im guessing the graphics are going to be like 50x more insane than X-box!!! :smiley:

Why wouldn’t MS try to look like Apple, Apples look awesome!

Darn, now I’m gonna have to shell out more money =/

Wasn’t anything “bad”, you hear it on the PBS channel. I’ll edit it anyways.

Yet again, Microsoft succeeds at making something that doesn’t match any part of a regular home theater system! :stuck_out_tongue:

If rumors are true, an upgraded version of the Xbox 360 will be your home theater system. Equipped with Windows Media Center, to be exact.

:ahh: :ahh:

PS3 will still rock the XBox 360. The rumor is that the PS3 has about 7x the processing power of the new XBox. Of course if the predicitons hold, it will come out about a year later as well.
Oh yeah, and that’s FAR too ugly to be Apple. :wink:
looks at iPod and G5 :yikes:

I personally think it looks better than the original. But thats just me.

Thats looks really cool. When they come out with, it would be smart for them to come out with Halo 3 too.

Xbox 360 has a tri-core processor, each core with about 3GHz of power. That’s about 9GHz of power. I highly doubt PS3 will have 63GHz of power.

What’s even more interesting is that the tri-core processor is a derivative of the PPC 970 (not the same though), which the G5’s have.

In fact Microsoft even gave developers G5s with PPC versions of WinNT to develop the first games for the X-box 360.

1.) I don’t think so. I’ve heard dual-core, which IBM is developing, but TRI?

2.) The 3ghz PPC procs are still a bit aways away.

3.) Dual-core, or tri core, procs are still 3ghz, not 9ghz.

I wouldn’t believe all the rumors you hear. Besides, multiple cores != multiple processors…

As for the PS3 having 7x the processing power of the new Xbox, I would highly doubt it…that much of a power difference in the same generation would be incredible…

Almost every single source out there is saying that Xbox 360 will use 3 64 bit processors, all multi-core based on IBM’s 64 Bit POWER5 architecture. Each 64 bit processor will run at about 3 Ghz, and will share 1MB of L2 cache.

It’s expected to have 256MB of RAM, more than plenty for a next-gen system.

The graphics card is gonna be phenomenal. It’s being created by ATI, and will not only contain a graphics rendering core but embedded DRAM acting as a buffer that will be big enough to handle a 480i image, and can be 4x over-sampled and double buffered.

Based on the article you provided, it sounds like it will be a single processor, but will have 3 cores that together share 1 mb L2 cache. Still, it doesnt sound like THAT bad of a system. :smiley:

Yeah, theres sooo many contradicting reports (1 processor 3 cores, 3 processors, etc.)

Not sure which to believe, probably 1 processor 3 cores.