Xbox Adaptive Controller –>$@#Easy Custom Controllers?

Microsoft is releasing an Xbox controller to make gaming more accessible. One cool feature of the Xbox Adaptive Controller is that it features a 3.5mm port (ie “headphone jack”) for each button on the rear of the controller. This means that any external switch can be used to trigger each button press, making it easier for teams to build arbitrary USB input devices.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller presumably will enumerate as a USB HID device on a PC, so it’d be very easy to use as an FRC controller. Easy buttons, Bop-its, you name it! Now, less soldering required.


I thought the same thing when this came out - this makes custom OIs very, very easy to do, since it is presumably just read as an Xbox controller by the PC, and the 3.5mm inputs are an industry standard. Hopefully this results in lots of teams trying out more creative and intuitive control schemes. Lots of potential here.

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I have never seen a controller like this before. What are the black circles for?

It could be an encoding error - if you’re wondering why “”" and " " show up so often on CD, it’s because Tapatalk encodes a number of characters wrong.

They are user-mappable buttons. The idea is that someone with limited use of their hands can rotate it back and forth to hit those two buttons.