Xbox Contoller and Guitar Hero?

Are team is seriously thinking about using a guitar hero (360) controller for controlling the arm. We wanted to ask about the feasibility of this, what it would take to actually connect one and the programming involved. I know some teams have done it before so please any suggestions would be appreciated.

Do you really want to stand there strumming a fake plastic guitar at a robot competition to control parts of your robot? and if you use a wired xbox 360 just splice the cable and you should be able to use the digital inputs (1 on or 0 off) and just program if statements for each button.

Who wouldn’t?

We were actually considering using one last year, with green for grabber release, red, yellow, blue and orange for preset grabber positions, and strummer for manually moving the grabber up and down. I think it would be awesome, let us know how it works out!

the strum bar is the same whether you push it up or down. you can try this theory by playing non-guitar related games with the guitar. (btw, this is hilarious looking) middle off up or down on’

Its possible I guess; the buttons on the guitar are just push buttons and you’d just wire them into Port 3 or 4. You’d probably tear up your guitar wiring it up though… :stuck_out_tongue:

i think both would be relativly easy to hack, i wouldnt really want to use a guitar hero controller though, maybe xbox but my favourite robot controller is the wiimote

naw, a good controller to use would be the steel batallion controller.

are you serious, what waste why would you do that

I like mandolin hero better

I don’t know if this is accurate. Isn’t it when you are playing GH, you move the strum bar up and down to select things?

Play Halo With it. You just spin in circles. Ive known :stuck_out_tongue:

think about it, though – not only do you have to run up to your control area and pick up your guitar, but you gotta put the strap on over your shoulder and orient it. gotta get your practice on!

How do you set up the guitar so u can train it with the ir board?
any special wiring?

Or just put it on and then plug it in when you step forward. I believe this is legal.

It is legal… last year 1625 had an arm control that was strapped to the drivers arm and we walked forward to plug it in every match…

Someone once asked the GDC about DDR pads. Those are in fact legal.

thats really cool =D