Xbox controller POV 0 on port 0 not available

Hello. I’ve been trying to use the D-PAD buttons on an XboxController. I used the POVButton method to try and set the buttons up, but whenever I simulate the code it says that POV 0 on port 0 is not available. I have confirmed that the Xbox controller is on port 0 and that its POV (DPAD) buttons are working on the FRC driver station.

The code fails around the 34th line of RobotContainer.

Can anyone explain whats going wrong?

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You mention you’re simulating the code. If you want to use the real driver station in simulation (rather than the joystick features integrated into the simulation GUI), you need to check the box for “Sim DriverStation” when starting simulation.

Hello, I am using the Sim DriverStation and it still doesn’t work. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Are any joystick operations working? I think Joystick ports begin at 1 not 0, but I forget and need to relearn that one every time I write new code :slight_smile:

Yes, joystick operations are working. Although I wouldnt call it a joystick but an xbox controller. Im just trying to figure out how to get D-PADs working.

Have you selected the “map gamepad” option?

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