Xbox Controller problems

Hello People of FIRST,

We are having a problem with our Xbox controller. It not is wanting to cooperate and we found out that we need drivers to install into the roborio as far as I know. Would this be the problem or is it something completely different? We are coding in C++ by the way. Forgive me if I posted something wrong or is this is posted somewhere else.

Thank you for all the help,

Bobby Hudock
Team 4601 Canfield Circuit Birds

The Xbox controller should connect to your laptop - so you’re going to need to install drivers on the laptop so the controller can talk to the laptop.

The laptop will handle sending the data to the roborio.

This is a ** wired ** controller, right?

Yes it is a wired one

We have used the xbox and clone by rock candy.

Both have worked very well. In fact we took one apart wired it to various toggle switches and built a custom secondary driver interface.

We have only used them on windows systems, but they are a treated like a standard joystick/gamepad. Some of the buttons will not function. Such as the start, menu and X buttons, the rest work fine.

You should test them in the control panel, joystick/gamepad icon to verify operation in windows.

I find that they behave best by connecting and testing them prior to starting up the robot control systems software.

Good luck!