XBox Controller Question

This may be an obvious answer, but can you use newer Xbox controllers with FRC as long as they have a USB connector? I found a deal on some knockoff Xbox One controllers but wasn’t sure if they would work as all we have used in the past is Xbox 360.

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You can use any controller you want as long as it follows the rules on wireless communications. Pretty much anything that Windows recognizes as a joystick/controller should work.


That’s what I figured, but wanted to be sure.

We used the xbox fusion 2 controllers last year because they were inexpensive, corded and were customizable if the students wanted

Yep, any type of controller that can talk to Windows and has a wired connection is good as far as the rules are concerned. Team Appreciate (2468) actually used a Dance Dance Revolution pad to control aspects of their robot this last season. Team 1571 had actually asked a Q&A question about doing this and were given the thumbs up by the GDC. Here’s a YouTube short of 2468 using the DDR pad in competition:

Our team uses two Xbox One Elite 2 controllers for our drive. I can’t speak to how different it is to code for it as that is not my usual domain. But I know it’s possible.