Xbox Controller with mecanum drive

Hello, I’m a first year FRC programmer and was curious on how to use the Xbox 360 controller as both joysticks for the

myDrive.mecanumDrive_Polar(moveStick.getY(),moveStick.getX() , rotateStick.getTwist());

I don’t know how to designate the certain sticks of the controller to either moveStick or Rotate stick and also am confused on how to assign them in the declaration

myDrive =  new RobotDrive(0,1,2,3);
    	moveStick = new Joystick(1);
    	rotateStick = new Joystick(2);

Any help appreciated; Ive already looked over the other chief delphi post over this subject but am still lost. Thanks!!

getY() and getX() are intended for flightstick not xbox controllers

i think the code you want is

robotDrive.mecanumDrive_Cartesian(joystick.getRawAxis(whateverYourXAxisIs), joystick.getRawAxis(whateverYourYAxisIs), joystick.getRawAxis(whateverYourRotateAxisIs), whateverYourGyroValueIs)

The buttons on the controller follow this mapping

1: A
2: B
3: X
4: Y
5: Left Bumper
6: Right Bumper
7: Back
8: Start
9: Left Joystick
10: Right Joystick

The axis on the controller follow this mapping
(all output is between -1 and 1)

1: Left Stick X Axis
-Left:Negative ; Right: Positive
2: Left Stick Y Axis
-Up: Negative ; Down: Positive
3: Triggers
-Left: Positive ; Right: Negative
4: Right Stick X Axis
-Left: Negative ; Right: Positive
5: Right Stick Y Axis
-Up: Negative ; Down: Positive
6: Directional Pad (Not recommended, buggy)

taken from

so would something like this work as expected?

     */  RobotDrive myDrive;
    	Joystick moveStick;
    	Gyro gyro;
    public void robotInit() {
    	Talon TalLF = new Talon(0);
    	Talon TalLR = new Talon(1);
    	Talon TalRF = new Talon(2);
    	Talon TalRR = new Talon(3);
    	myDrive =  new RobotDrive(TalLF,TalLR,TalRF,TalRR);
    	moveStick = new Joystick(1);

     * This function is called periodically during autonomous
    public void autonomousPeriodic() {


     * This function is called periodically during operator control
    public void teleopPeriodic() {
    	//while(!isAutonomous() && isEnabled())
    		//myDrive.mecanumDrive_Polar(moveStick.getRawAxis(1),moveStick.getRawAxis(2) , moveStick.getRawAxis(4));
    		myDrive.mecanumDrive_Cartesian(moveStick.getRawAxis(1), moveStick.getRawAxis(2), moveStick.getRawAxis(5), gyro.getAngle());

Yeah that should work.

Also, are you meaning to do field-oriented drive (pushing up on the left joystick makes the robot move away from you, no matter which way it’s pointing)?

honestly at this point no. I just want the drive to work correctly, Do we have the gyro assigned correctly?

  RobotDrive myDrive, catcherDrive;
	    	Joystick moveStick;
	    	Gyro gyro; 
myDrive.mecanumDrive_Cartesian(moveStick.getRawAxis(1), moveStick.getRawAxis(1), moveStick.getRawAxis(1), gyro.getAngle());

that was me… on a different account

Well you don’t create it, at least in the code you show here. If you don’t want field-oriented get rid of the gyro.getAngle() in the mecanumDrive constructor and replace with 0.