Xbox Controller?

Our team this year wanted to use a Xbox 360 controller to controll the robot. i was wondering if theres any tutorials online or if any one knows how to install an Xbox 360 controller to work with the IR board.

The 360 Controller doesn’t use IR.

If you want to use the Xbox controller you’ll need to use a Chicklet.

It very easy to setup. You can have it up and running 10-15 min.

EDIT: This would not use IR. It would connect directly to OI.

Would it be feasible to use a wireless Xbox 360 Racing wheel with the chicklet, plugging in the usb wireless receiver into the chicklet? and allowing the wheel to connect that way?

as long as there are no batteries in the controller, you should be ok. u also need the chicklet as said above.

I don’t think it is supported by the chicklet, and even if it is I don’t believe it would be legal, since I don’t believe you are allowed to have other wireless devices connected to the OI or robot. Sorry, I don’t have the rule to quote. Also the battery issue mentioned above.

Funny… I saw a team last year use a 360 controller and a Guitar Hero controller to lower and raise their lift, and control other functions

our team is interested in using an xbox 360 controller too. i think a guitar hero controller is just stupid.

I THink that is a good idea but why complicate things?

we might consider using a rockband drumset for control of the arm

I would play claw on the 360 controller.

Super Nintendo controller maybe?
A/B/Start/Select/DPad. :smiley:

what type of advantage would you have using that? its a silly idea.

I had the feeling that guy was sarcastic, I don’t know about you…

What do you think the advantage is? I don’t think there really is one… Maybe it saves you space?

Umm…not really a silly idea at all. a lot of teams have done it.

Yeah, but again, what’s the advantage they have gained? How much time did they invest in it when they could have done the same thing with a joystick and cheaper buttons?

Think about it, using a 360 controller would be destruction.

  1. It doesn’t seem like it is too much harder to program.
  2. Xbox kids would be familiar with the controller and driving would be more familiar.
  3. The price for a wireless is around 40 bucks.

Therefore, there are many advantages.

I was just asking… 40 Dollars is a lot for some teams who are operating on a few hundred dollars. I can pick up several buttons at radio shack for a few bucks or salvage them out of stuff I have laying around.

Well I can say why those things are advantageous, they make your team stand out in competition and if you’re a small team that’s huge. It could help a team get drafted. But It is also a good learning experience to use something like an x box controller, it is a complex piece of hardware.

For some teams implicating more complex designs, a game controller is the perfect option. Game controllers were designed to give the maximum amount of controls in the smallest amount of space with usability a huge factor. Take a plain xbox controller, one xbox controller is the same as having two joysticks, 8 push buttons, and two more analog inputs. Do you realize how much space that would take up, let alone using all of those controls? With teams operating on a few hundred dollars, a plain old xbox controller can be bought even used for 10 bucks or so. seems like it can’t be beat in my opinion.