Xbox Controller?

I do, but I also know that if your holding a controller, then the other driver may want to push stuff too… And you may not have as many controls as you have described. I wasn’t saying it wasn’t an acceptable option, I was just asking on what the advantages were since the other user thought it was silly and there seemed to be disagreement between another user.

I don’t know specifics, but I think we’ve messed around (or used) an Xbox 360 controller before. You’d have to ask the drivers about that, though.

We’ve been using racing wheels for the past 4 years. I think it’s a very old Mad Catz that was designed for PC. I don’t know how effective an XBox controller would be. I think going on Ebay and looking for an old controller (we found one with a 9-pin connector) would make it much easier. Plus, there’s less brick-a-brack on older controllers.

is there a cheaper way to do it besides that 120$ thingy?

using a rockband drum set. i think that this is the first year the game has been out.
The thing is you have a pretty big drum set that you have to lug around. you cant put somthing that big on your controller board. you have to keep track of drum sticks, i guess. it just inpractical.