xbox controller

The xbox controller only substitutes one joystick right? so how could we possiblly program the thumbsticks to act as the motions of our sepeate motors on a y axis?

The OI can handle up to four axes and four buttons per port. You can configure the Chicklet so that the right thumbstick registers as the wheel and aux axes… the Chicklet manual explains how.

I assume you mean that you want one of the thumbsticks to control each side of your robot.

Short version, the USB Dongle must be set to Mode 1 and have the xbox controller plugged in. The code will look similar to:

pwm1 = p1_x; //Right Side
pwm2 = p1_y; //Left Side

That is assuming that the dongle is put on port 1 and your drive motors are pwm1 and pwm2.

Take a look at the user guide for the USB Dongle here Page 5 should show you what the code will reference. Look at XBOX/XBOX 360 Mode 1. Or if you need to still use the x axis on the controllers look at Mode 2.

I hope this helps.

Thank you that certainly makes sense, we still have problems with our robot reading the analogs, so we switched in the joysticks and they didn’t work either. hahah funn =] im sure we’ll figure out the problem soon.

I love you guys xbox controller awesome.