Xbox One Controller Stand

Would anybody be willing to share a stand that they have created for an Xbox One (CAD file for 3D printing or one that we can make out of metal and bend)? We are trying to do stands that bolt to the top of our driver station instead of hook and loop taping the controller straight to it.

Any designs would be awesome! Thanks!

I’ll try and find pictures, but 228 had a pretty simple solution - A T-shaped assembly of two round bars, covered in hook-side velcro. The loop side was applied to the back of the controller. The small bar elevated above teh driver station makes for a more secure hold than just Velcro directly to a flat surface, while also being very quick and easy to grab in teleop which is essential.

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That would be great to see. We are able to CAD something off of a picture so if you can find some that would be awesome!

I’d take a look at this thread: 3d Printed Xbox Holder/Mount for Driver Station

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