Hey Xbox people

Need help?

When we went to Pittsburgh Regional, we decided to bring our Xboxes to play Halo. So we went and had fun, but when we arrive home, I lost my power cord and A/V cord ( the red,white,yellow cord). Now I am suppose to have a tournament at college soon, and I need to find replacements for the XBOX.
Can anyone tell me what stores or websites ( a website that can be trusted) sells them?

I could greatly use some help in this matter



Best Buy, Gamestop, EBgames, and circuit city. Your local stores might have them too if they have a videogames section. You should not have that much trouble finding some.

You can also get an a/v cable at Radio Shack or Sound Advice :smiley:

Any retail store should have cables for all systems.

(also, be careful that you buy normal compared to HD cables >_>)

Also, Teh Clickxorz

Be wary, the AV cables at Radioshack usually are just male to female, not xbox to male. Also, have you heard about the power cord recall? Check to see if you’re eligible for that.