Xbox360 Kinect not working with GRIP on mac

I’m having a problem with getting my GRIP to recognizes that the Kinect is plugged into my mac. I have downloaded the Kinect drivers to my computer.

when i try to add a new camera in grip it says this (look at picture)

If anyone knows how to fix this (or what I’m doing wrong) I would really appreciate it.
Im using:
Xbox360 Kinect,
Macbook Pro (Version: El Capitan 10.11.4)
GRIP (Version: latest)

Pardon my ignorance, but does the Kinect natively even support use on a Mac? A quick Google search only showed 3rd party work-arounds. I would lean towards thinking the issue is with the drivers for the Kinect (or lack thereof) rather than GRIP.

This is correct. While libfreenect can emulate a webcam, it isn’t really fully supported. After my exams and stuff, I will be adding Kinect support to grip, however. You can track progress here.

awsome! So when this is finished will it work for a mac or only windows?

It will work on all platforms, including the RoboRIO and ARM Coprocessors