XCORPIONS TEAM 701 animation complete!

After 3-4 weeks? it is done!!! u can check out here:


2 see some pics:

i know its not as great as some of the others but this is our first year and we had only 3 people on the team, (including me)

I like the screenshot, even though I didn’t see the animation. I’m going to guess that it’s also good. Really good for a rookie animation just by seeing the screenshot.

Where/what is the concept?

the theme is where dreams become reality, a kid is sleeping, u zoom in to his thoughts, and it sort of half reality/future reality, then u see the robot, construction phase, and the future where he designs a jet plane and it take flight then zooms through the planets and the planets are the periods for F.I.R.S.T "where dreams become reality, zooms 2 earth “time to wake up!”

Musik by linkinpark

right… i get it


ok to start off good job.

however i have some critism, im not trying to be mean or anything.

man goes through bed

brain DNA thing, too fast/ hard to understand on first viewing

is your robot floating?

too long on the arm movement

no wheel movement when driving

planets go by to fast

despite all of this i really liked your animation especially

detail of room
fight club like brain thing (once i wathced it a few more times)
i dont no how many people say but when the bot hits the bins it is in the same position as on the inventor screen :slight_smile: i liked that
face 3ds max fade
plane coming off the screen thing
music, one of my fav linkin park songs

good job

yeah thanks for the comments matt111 i know that everything is so fast but this is our first year and 30 sec seems a lot longer time than it really is , and yes it does float (the arm) , i agree the wheel should turn, but i couldn’t figure it out had to do the whole animation ALMOST myself , the whole robot was XFORM animed and that got ugly.

thats ok this was our first year and it didnt turn out quite as well as we hoped, but u still had a good storyline

thanks for taking my critism

PS our whells dont turn either:D

What exactly did you use to make it?

That was Awesome the way the guy was sitting at his computer making himself in 3ds max.

The animatiing was awsome, but the camera angles changed too often. If you would have left the camera in the same spot and moved the object it would have been less confusing.

I loved it. Great job.

Also I think a song like “Clubbed to Death” would have been better, its not as loud but still as intense.

EXACT tools we used (all)
3dstudio Max 5.0
3dstudio Max 3.1
Adobe Premiere
Adobe photoshop
JASC paintshop PRO 6
Character Studio 2.2

Thats it…
Thanks for the comments!

as 4 the cam angles :
My fault, totally my fault , i thought it would look cool but didn’t figure it out till later that it was crappy… when u see something o ver and over it seems slower when u play it and because if u make it u notice EVERY SINGLE tiny detail