XeroPath Generator Question

I’ve never messed around in earnest with any path generation pieces. So I was giving XeroPathGenerator a try (nice Mac support).

Working well now, but what I can’t understand is why is the Insert Waypoint menu item grayed out? Delete Waypoint is also grayed out, even if I have a waypoint selected.

Am I incorrect in assuming that I would be able to add a set of waypoints that all belong to one path?

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I’m using it on Mac, don’t have any other systems to test it on at the moment to see if I could add other waypoints to a given path.

You cannot delete the first or last waypoint. Also if you have the last waypoint selected you cannot add one after it so insert is grayed out. If you select the first one you should be able to insert. Once one is inserted you should be able to delete the new ones. Let me know if you see different behavior.


I clicked through every part of the program I could think of, but I guess I had the last waypoint selected every time.

Thanks for the quick response. So far I’m really liking the demo of the path.

In your experience, how close is the demo simulation to the actual robot path traversal?

The simulation of the path if you use the scroll bar at the bottom is the actual generated path. How close your robot follows depends on the follower you use in your robot code and how well it’s tuned. Last year we had a path from the hatch on the front of the cargo ship to the loading station track fairly reliably to within six inches. We deemed that close enough since we had vision to pull us to the actual target.


Should “Generate Paths As” give me the option to generate the files as anything other than .csv?

I choose it and get a file location chooser, but no other options. I was hoping to get it to generate JSON that’s compatible with TrajectoryUtil in WPILib, but am not finding the mojo.

No it just gives you the option to pick a new directory. I don’t support the JSON for the trajectoryutils yet. I suspect it’s more than just JSON format but also the points need to be generated to be compatible with the Ramsete controller.

I’ll look at it in the next week or two.

Thanks sjcbulldog

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