Xerox S/W Developer Job Posting- For New College Graduates or <1 year of Graduation

Since Xerox has been a founding sponsor of FIRST I am welcoming any interested candidates with a min 3.0 GPA in BS/MS in Software Engineering/Computer Science/Computer Engineering for a position in Rochester NY.

Please send me your cover letter & resume to and I will forward it directly to the hiring manager I know.

General Job Description:

Xerox Overview:
For more than a half a century, Xerox has been a leader in document technology and services. We continue to build on this heritage of innovation. Through our acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services, we now are the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management, offering global services from claims reimbursement and automated toll transaction to customer care centers and HR benefits management. The new Xerox is dedicated to innovation, service and giving our customers the freedom to focus on what matters most: your real business.
Job Description:
Looking for a self-directed, energetic, customer-focused SW Engineer to work on a team that supports multiple Product Programs delivering application control software (JavaC++) for large-scale production printers. Job responsibilities include: Collaborative design, implementation, unit test and verification of new machine control features with cross-functional engineering teams. Features span from low-level device control and complicated closed loop control algorithms to high-level GUI and diagnostic control.
Required Skills:
Required: Java and C++ SW development skills, excellent communication skills, Linux & Unix skills
Desired: Test Driven Development experience, working knowledge of Agile or Lean SW Development Principles
Bachelor or Masters of Science in Software Engineering / Computer Science / Computer Engineering