XRP Seminar hosted by DIgiKey

Just got an email from DigiKey about an XRP Seminar. I thought there would be people interested in this:
XRP Seminar by DigiKey


Very interesting! Where did you sign up to get notifications like this?

Very cool, just signed up to watch the VOD later.

I think it gave me the option to sign up when I was making an account after buying something from digikey

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I don’t really know. In the past I have created an account under my name and also under my former team’s name for the virtual KOP. At some point, I must have been tagged with an FRC tag.

More information from the official project website:

We were all rookies once. The XRP is designed to help new teammates come up to speed. Fully compatible with WPILiB, the XRP can run the same software as your full-size FRC robot.

Spend the off-season sharpening your skills and help others get their start in FIRST.

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We’re interested. We got a demo at the mentor conference and it seems to be a great alternative to the Romi. We ordered a half dozen almost immediately but they still haven’t shipped.