Y.A.M.R Yet Another Mecanum Roller

My Team Has been 3D printing various Mecanum wheels which all had some details I wanted changed. So I made the Changes.

-2in Diameter Mecanum Wheel
-8 Rounded Rollers for an actually circular 2D profile and Smoother rolling
-1/2in Hex is 50 Microns oversized for better fitment when printed on our printers
-1 Piece Print-In-Place Design
-20.6mm Tall (Lowest Profile I’ve seen) intended for printing with .2mm Layer Height
-Das Hot

Since I haven’t seen anyone else show how these are modeled I will also be sharing our Solidpart file for it:
Mecanum Wheel.SLDPRT (1.4 MB) Mirrored Mecanum Wheel.STEP (2.3 MB) Mecanum Wheel.STEP (2.4 MB)
Edit: Made the gaps between the roller and the body larger for smoother rolling.


I just finished fighting with an existing vectored intake wheel trying to modify it. Sharing the solid model is more helpful to me than you know!


What’s mecanum?

Cool vectored intake wheel design!


Does this need to be printed on a dual extrusion printer with dissolvable filament?
I know some Print-In-Place designs can use single extrusion.

From the test prints we’ve done, the Mecanums with 8 rollers take alot of effort to break free. Here is a Mecanum with 6 rollers that is very similar to the other one however it prints alot smoother.

Mecanum Wheel.STEP (1.9 MB) Mirrored Mecanum Wheel.STEP (1.8 MB) Mecanum Wheel.SLDPRT (656.3 KB)

Yes its intended for single extrusion printers, like the 2910 ones

what settings do you recommend? I have tried printing fully assembled mechanums on my Lulzbot Taz and they just won’t spin.

On our Prusa MK3S’ the 6 roller one was printed with .2mm Layer Height, 5 Perimeters, and 25% infill (also make sure support is off)

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