YAGSL falcon example configuration question

My team is switching to Krakens for our drive motors, and I was looking through the YAGSL Example specifically, for falcons, as falcons and krakens have the same drive conversion factor, and the example code lists the conversion factor in physical properties.json as 0.047286787200699704, which is the same value as is used for the neo drive conversion factors. If i’m understanding the math right, the equation for this should be (PI*wheel_diameter)/(gear_ratio*pulse_per_rotation), and the two motors have different pulse per rotation, with NEO having 42 and Krakens having 2048. I do not understand why these numbers could be identical.

At the end, even though the internal motor “ticks” aren’t the same, they get converted to rotations internally instead of the normal ticks (wasn’t the case for CTRE before phoenix6)
So talonFX.getPosition returns in the same unit as sparkmaxEncoder.getPosition since they are both converted to rotations in the motor controller.


Ah, that makes so much more sense. We were also inverting the gear ratio (using 1/6.75 instead of 6.75 for SDS mk4 L2 pods) with a pulse per rotation of 42 on the NEOs,which got us fairly close to the actual number we should be using, but it was still off, which could explain a lot of other issues we were having. thanks for the explanation.

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