YAGSL Feedback

Hello everyone!

It is past week 3 and I wanted to know for those of you who are using YAGSL or looking at using YAGSL (even in the offseason) how it looks, if there is anything that could make it better or easier?

If you have been using it what cool things have you done that may have been significantly easier with YAGSL than without?

For reference here are the official features and resources links:

I can’t wait until I completely support advantage scope. I theoretically support advantagescope swerve drive visualizer but haven’t tested it.

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YAGSL was great for us, as we were able to swap between proto and comp bot swerve values without having to change up a lot of code. It helped us get PathPlanner working with it relatively early on and create a great balance auton at Ventura, which we hope to replicate with a 2 piece at Lancaster. Thanks again @nstrike for the work and as always, we are able to contribute where-ever we can!

We are now looking into implementing a drive to pose featuring using pose estimation, which is easier now thanks to the additional features the SwerveController has, so can’t wait for that.

BTW: AdvantageScope supports NT4, so AdvantageKit isn’t 100% percent necessary. However, if that’s your plan, that’s cool too! We use NT4 as it’s what we’re used to with special wrappers around it. Have to add those back in as I recently updated our local copy of the library.

Anyways, thanks again!

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I do need to switch everything over to NT4 eventually, currently I am using SmartDashboard (NT3 I think?). I also would like to make the example project a little easier to understand. I saw some classes that wrap simple NT4 entries to objects and like that alot so i may replicate that and put it under the parser package.

Any changes you find useful for your team may be useful for others and I encourage you to upstream or let me know about them!

Same thing applies to formerly super-complex commands becoming extremely easy (like the auto balancer), I love showing those off in YAGSL-Example!

If you contain DriveToPose well enough it may make sense to add that to SwerveDrive too :slight_smile:

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