YAGSL Mk4i | Back Motor Rotational Issue

Hello, 1056 Programmer here.

We’ve recently finished our code setup for YAGSL, and are supposedly on the PID Tuning Process. We’ve gotten up to the point that our front two modules oscillate normally, while the back two motors are sporadic. We are unsure if it is a PID issue or if the deeper problem lies in our misconfiguration. We’ve tried to follow the YAGSL Tutorial, the eight steps, as well as check for module/gyro inversion but nothing was fixed.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Here is our repository: GitHub - SacriliciousDirtbag/2024-Crescendo-FINAL: The source code for the 2024 FRC Competition "Crescendo"

Based solely on this information I think you have a configuration issue with your ID’s or absolute encoder offsets, or your PIDs.

As for your config please only use physicalproperties.json if you have the same conversion factors so you dont have to repeat yourself.

Your conversion factors here are incorrect, but module ones look fine.

also this should be about 50, the default pid’s for falcon/kraken setups should be sufficient.

Aside from all of this, you should be using Tuner X Swerve Generator, your robot is compatible and Phoenix 6 SwerveDrive is better than YAGSL currently.