Yahoo buys you a cup of coffee

Yahoo will buy you a cup of coffee if you set your homepage to Yahoo on this Friday…

[font=Arial]As an added promotional gift, Yahoo will offer coupons for a free cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts to anyone who sets as their home page this Friday

From this article

what if Yahoo is already your home page? do you get a doughnut too?

Wow! For a cup of coffee, I’ll be a Yahoo fan for a day or so!

boo there arent any Dunkin’ Donuts in California :

Note that this is not entirely a bad thing. They DO have great coffee, but their donuts PALE when confronted by Krispy Kremes.

Just ask Dave.


ooh of course. but i wouldn’t mind getting a free caramel latte. Ive only gone to dunkin donuts in New York and volunteering when i went over to Connecticut for the UTC reg.

Reminder! This is for today only! You get a coupon for a 16 oz cup of iced coffee from Dunlin’ Donuts but the coupon is only good for today as well.
So if you are looking for me - I’ll be at Dunkin’ Donuts!

If only it were not coffee… maybe a big energy drink would have done it for me. I can’t stand the taste or smell of coffee. :Cringes: