Yahoo! Mail offering 1Gb of storage in May!

Coming soon! 1GB of storage, free to all users
There’s more in store with Yahoo! Mail. By early May, all free Yahoo! Mail users will receive an email storage increase to a whopping 1GB. That’s enough space to keep thousands and thousands of emails – so you’ll never have to delete those important messages again!


Wow, awesome! I was happy when they went from 10 mb to 250 mb, this is even better!

Of course, Yahoo is still miles behind G-mail, which is now offering 2.1 GB of storage, and storage is still increasing! The people who profit off of this e-mail war is us, so I am enjoying it :slight_smile:

Poor Yahoo, there search engine isn’t as good as Google and now there E-mail still can’t match Google. But since I have an account on both of them I now have 3.1 gigs of storage space.

There was a website out there for a bit, Yahoogle, that searched both Google and Yahoo and displayed the results side-by-side in frames. It was really cool, so of course it went down under the extreme load of everyone using it. :frowning:

3.1 gigs…whatever. Data storage is such that I am no longer concerend with it.


i LOVE yahoo mail…it’s nice and easy for me. I was wicked happy when they made more storage before, and this news makes me even happier…i was worried when i saw my storage space creeping up to 20% (i have a problem deleting most emails), so this is AWESOME news.

May?..They are almost a year and a Gb behind Gmail! But aol is still only at .5 gig, but does have a somewhat intresting interface, and is still slower than everything else.

Get a gmail acccount before they take over the world.

I think that google actually decided to increase there space to 2GB (an continue) after they heard about this a few months ago.

Google is king of the hill and will be for a long long time.

1 GB of storage, like I need any more space already. (I’ve only used 2% of my 250 MB since that upgrade) :rolleyes: It just gives me another excuse to not even clean out my mail box and be lazy. Good grief.


Nope… it has resurfaced. :smiley:

Woo hoo, now yahoo is at the point google was a year or so ago as far as storage…too bad their file storage system is highly inferior. Oh well, I’m just a gmail fanboy =P