Ya'll ever light the Homecoming Bonfire with an FRC Robot?

So last month on the night of October 18th we brought out our 2019 robot, “TurboTax” and lit the Homecoming Bonfire. [via road-flare on robot]IMG_2294.HEIC (659.6 KB)


Naming a robot TurboTax has to be the biggest power move in FRC robot naming


Forget water game. Fire game 2020.


Woah. Thats pretty dangerous!

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I guess it’s better to send a robot to do it than a human…

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I know a team who had their robot BE the bonfire…




Why is this a thing?

It’s an America thing. Don’t worry about it.

If you ask nicely around 4th of July we’ll let you come over and illegally shoot bottle rockets over lake Ontario eat pizza or something.


Light some fireworks in our own backyards… bbq…

Is this only in certain regions of America? My school either wasn’t reckless cool enough to have one or I wasn’t cool enough to know about it.

We are based at Don Bosco Technical Institute in Rosemead, California and believe it or not, the robot lighting the bonfire was the principal’s idea. I think the main reason was because a guy was caught on fire last year.


Just head out into the sticks and you’ll find the right people.

Show an American some fireworks and they’ll watch the show.
Give an American some fireworks and they’ll set them off in a parking lot/beach/corn field and probably come out with some decent injuries. If you’re in the right place the cops will come check on you and ask to set some off too.


Don’t know


I’m just looking at the pallets and wondering if the school’s Chemical Hygiene Officer just walked away…kids will be kids.
Not every pallet is chemically treated, but a local landfill refuses to accept them because not every pallet used in the US has the required stamps/markings.
But, FIRE.

An FRC robot was made a part of the homecoming bonfire. Which is very cool!!!


As if it wouldnt be bad if the robot caught fire (think electrical and battery)

*this does not mean I’d rather have a person catch fire either

Where do you live…

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somewhere cooler than me, fire department gets real angry if you light them out here…

then again we had M80’s/cherry bombs as recently as 3-5 years ago which arent the safest things to light…

Well, did. Tiny town, technically a village, in Western NY. Right across the river from 1114 oddly enough. (That may explain some of the IRI parking lot fireworks shenanigans in retrospect…)

2000 people means the police force is basically four guys making sure nobody’s doing anything too stupid. I’m pretty sure they were part of our volunteer-only fire department as well.

Now that I think about it, the guy that usually bought said fireworks was a part of the fire department.


Doesn’t have to be the sticks either… I remember after one Kettering Kickoff someone set a whole building on fire…

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Who’s you safety captain? This is very not safe, no safety glasses. But it’s a really cool robot​:joy: :+1: