Yall know whats going on at LVR

This is false information.


Are you able to confirm that it’s related to the double red card?

Link to the relevant match: Twitch
Incident in question is related to the contact inside of the frame perimeter starting around 1:08, near side red.

Link to the announcement and explanation of the red cards: Twitch

My only comment is that you should retract your pickup mechanism when you are not using it.


It was explained on stream, the double red caused an issue in FMS for the replay match after that required HQ to remote in and fix it as it as the field crew could not override. FMS was trying to advance the incorrect alliance. This needed to be fixed before we could advance.


why did the replay get played?
the two red cards in the original 3rd match came from the same incident so I thought that means it is treated as a tie

I’m not a referee, perhaps one can chime in.

The announcer in the last clip above does indicate that the cards both resulted from the same incident at the same time, hence the replay.

FMS appears to have been treating the 0-0 score as a “normal” tie and reverting to the normal tiebreaker rules, which would have given the match to blue due to penalties. Since the resolution here was to replay the match, I don’t have a great guess as to why this mattered, because the 0-0 score was overwritten anyway. Maybe there was a bug that resulted in the wrong alliance advancing even after a replay, or a bug that prevented a replay, or the head ref wanted to consult with HQ to make sure they had the correct interpretation before proceeding (which is entirely reasonable).

Smart money here.

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Is this the situation that occured? The GDC says that simultaneous red cards results in a tie, in which case normal tiebreaker rules apply.


They do state in that answer that they both lose, not that their scores are simply set to 0. Which would imply a replay even if the language of tie is inconsistent with what they mean.

Normal tiebreaker rules, with a 0-0 tie, should result in the match falling right through the tiebreaker sequence to replay.

But, FMS looks like it looks at the component scores next… should probably have a line in there to check for 0-0 and if seen consult HR.

Regardless of the ref outcome I want to give a big shoutout to the HR and FTA who have been doing a stellar job to take the time to get both the scores right and make sure that teams are able to play. There has been wild speculation to what went on or people upset that the event took longer but they did their due diligence to reach out to the correct stakeholders and make it right.


Too bad twitch decided to silence this part of the stream.


Twitch didn’t silence it, the copyright-detection algorithm (which protects the FIRST channels) did.

Most big streamers who still play copyrighted music stream music audio on a channel that doesn’t get recorded into the VOD so their VODs don’t get striked or muted after the fact. I don’t know how this works, or how FRC webcast setups interact with the typical regional A/V, so I don’t know if this is currently possible for FRC webcasts to do.

Regarding the explanation, it’s basically that one robot did something to get a yellow card that got upgraded to a red card in the same interaction that an opposing robot got a red card, so it was declared a replay.


Twitch clip of the explanation from George.

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I would like for everyone to know that during the wait while the FMS was being fixed, my team’s pit crew (4738) hung out, sung, and danced along with Epic Robotz (4415) and Nijaneers (2383) (and laughed at epic’s absolutely fire memes about the situation). There were definitely NO hard feelings and we all had an amazing time hanging out together in the pits


you guys were definitely my sleeper pick throughout the competition! probably the most interesting match during the regional. Much love <3

Our alliance vs. Your alliance = 4 rounds
Our alliance vs. Alliance 2 = 2 rounds

Therefore Alliance 8 is 2 times better than Alliance 2 :slight_smile:

good matches, hope to see you again!


It was an experience to say the least. At that point the teams didn’t care who won we just wanted the scores. But it definitely was a sight to see


Maybe we’ll see each other at some offseasons! It would def be amazing to compete with you guys again

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Yeah, me and some 4415 people were saying the exact same thing in the pits lolol