Yay, it's my birthday!

Yeah, so it’s my birthday. And i got the best present ever…

an AP Bio test!!! yay!!

actually though, the test was pretty easy this year (i think at least), so as soon as the test was over (my last ap test this year), me, dan, and a bunch of other kids ran outside to try and play ultimate frisbee, but it was too windy. so, we visited some former teachers and then attempted some more frisbee. :stuck_out_tongue:

then, when i got home, i took the first nap i’ve ever taken in a long time :D. i feel so much better now. plus, my mom got Zorn’s Chicken for my “Brithday Dinner”. yummy! can’t wait for my dad and brother to get home…

Happy Birthday Ian! Hope you get everything you wished for, including a 5 on that AP Bio test. I took AP Physics C. Ugh! Mechanics was easy, but the Electricity & Magnetism scared me. Eek! :smiley:

Eh, i guess i should say Happy Birthday!

     After-all, without you who would i have to argue with on the team?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU :slight_smile:

Happy 16th Birthday Ian
U now have the privilege to drive but im gonna stay off the streets for a little while. lol. Happy Bday!
Aman :cool:

i feel sorry for you that you have to have aps for your birthday. mine lays on the perfect day though … it’s in january, so i get to spend my birthday working on the robot :smiley: oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :smiley:


hey i turned 16…a year and a half ago…lol…j/k

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

happy birthday ! and I took the bio test too, it was my last one, and i thought the essays were really easy, except the first one I kinda BSed

Happy B-Day Ian man!

Happy Birthday Day Darlin’! May all you wishes come true. have fun and don’t only wish on your candles, wish upon a star, you never know it might just come true. Have an awesome day! BIG BIRTHDAY HUG
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783

Happy birthday ian! hope it went well!


heh, lot’s of responses :stuck_out_tongue:

and about the ap bio test essays, i bsed the first and second ones. :smiley: they weren’t too bad, but hey, who ever wants to take an ap on their birthday? :slight_smile: oh well, have to get back into the groove of school, i mean summer :D. school’s over for me!

tomorrow, we watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail in bio, MArx brothers in AP World, ahhh. finally taking aps makes sense :p. today was the best though, no work got done at all. heck, a bunch of us all wore hawaiian shirts today, to show that we aren’t doing anymore work this year :D. can’t wait till summer actually starts…



Today is my 15 b-day!!! :smiley:

happy b-day to you too!

anyone else have their b-day soon? this can become the birthday thread! :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, i need something to do now. no more aps means i have nothing to do after school :D.

Happy b-day Jill!

And Ian - We convinced my English teacher that the Holy Grail is a good english movie to watch…

I think our film study/report thingy is gonna be on the Holy Grail :slight_smile:

Thanks Harrison!!

Holy Grail??? Which movie are we talking about???


yiu don’t know of Monty Python and the Holy Grail!?! do you realize what you’re missing!?! go and watch! NOW!!!


yes, go watch it NOW!!! and if you have to wait and go to the video store, click this link and whet you’re appetite:

If you love legos and monty python, you should find this funny.


Ahhhhh…me very, very dumb. I know what movies you guys are talking about. My brain just wasn’t home. :confused:

Yes, I have seen both movies.