Ye olde Sig shoppe

This is a thread where you can post a request for a signature and/or avatar, and if someone from the community wants to help you with it, they can make you something based on what you specify.

Maybe you have a theme that you want your Sig and/or avatar to follow, or even an avatar that is too big, but don’t know where to begin in making/resizing it… There is probably someone who is capable of helping you out, all there is to it is to post a description here, and anyone who is interested can pick up your request.

If you find that you are pretty good with digital art, and want to give a try at making someone’s Sig/avatar for them, then go ahead, and post anything that you make for someone here.

Also, if you have any empty sigs that are easily personalized, feel free to post them, as they may catch someone’s eye.

It would probably be smart to upload your picture file to a hosting site that isn’t Chiefdelphi, such as WWW.imageshack.US and just Insert it into your post.

Alright, I’ll be the first.
Anyone interested in making a user bar for me that uses thisgraphic and says Reborne Rangers 2005 / Lake Ann Camp (either way works, or both lol)?
shrug If anyone gets bored have at it! :smiley:

Any particular color scheme?

orange and blue?

How’s that?

I will (and anyone else who wants to can) start uploading blank avatars/sigs.
If you see something you like, and want a specific picture on it to personalize it… Then just post a link and I/anyone else who wants to will see what we can do:)

On with the Avatar backgrounds:

Or any other color you can think of :smiley:

sweet thanks

how about one cor a boarderline insane, accident prone, mechanical man?

Lets see… Carzy, Check. Mechanical, Check. Hospital, Check.

This looks to be almost everything :wink: