Year long Gantt Chart

Our team is looking to start using a year long gantt chart in order to track the progress of our outreach efforts, trainings, postseason builds, business deadlines, etc. What are some good, free software where anyone can edit a singular chart, can have sections for subteams, and is easy to understand?

Project Libre is a great tool with a ton of functionality although a fairly steep learning curve. The free version can gets you pretty much everything except the ‘cloud’ version which allows multiple users to access the same charts.

I have found that some of the features like resource leveling, work hours, cost management, and resource scheduling are a bit unnecessary for an FRC purpose. If you stick simply to creating FS relationships of tasks then you can generate nice looking Gantt charts with tasks, dependencies, and milestones that anyone can understand.

1678 just uses Google Sheets. It requires a few formulas for formatting, but it is pretty easy to use since we can just edit the dates, etc, from year to year after the initial setup.

Google sheets are great - and if you are look to add a visual you can use Tableau (free in your virtual kit of parts) to do this!

Shameless self-plug for the Google Sheets Gantt Chart we made specifically for build season, but can be easily expanded to the whole year!

Most of the tools I could find online were ugly or didn’t fit our needs.

Let me know if you have questions!

I like it! I’d have to familiarize myself with google sheets in order to edit the format to make it more applicable for a year round chart, I’ve never taken the time to learn all the cool tricks.

Will definitely be using tableau if we use google sheets!

Something you could do to make this auto-update throughout the year:
In the date farthest on the left put =TODAY() then every date to the right is the cell to the left + 1. With some other formulas and conditional formatting you may even be able to retain the January, February, headings up top. Another option for this could be to choose the lowest between TODAY() and the earliest start date on the left. What I do in my schedule is have the first date shown be =TODAY() - 7 so I can see a week in the past.

Anyone know an easy way to do PERT? I think its a little more effective in the FIRST world than just your typical CPM gantt chart