Year of pneumatic tires

Hear ye hear ye I declare this will be the year of pneumatic tires. After playing on the feild today in N.H. IMO for the majority of first teams should use pneumatic tires if they are looking for a solution that gives you the most options. As evidence to show it will work watch 1114 go over the bump in 2012.

I hope andymark and WCP are ordering all the pneumatic wheels they can after the 2012 shortage

1114’s ability to easily go over the bump in 2012 was only because they used pneumatic tires. They also used a wedge system that can be seen here:
that was what really helped them jump over the bump, and the pneumatic tires were probably just to make landings smoother.

Forecasting is extremely hard. I am sure they did their best. If they guess too short it only costs them money so they don’t want to be short either.

Though pneumatic tires will be very popular this year, rhino drivetrains are favored as well. There have been many orders for rhino drivetrains from Andymark; therefore, AndyMark put a notice on the part’s page that states:

I feel that the rhino drivetrain is becoming popular because “Robot in 3 days” are thinking of using it, and are currently building a prototype of it.

How easily do the pneumatic tires fit into a tank drive? I personally have never used them and don’t know much about them.

Is the delay of 2-3 weeks for everyone who ordered the rhino drivetrain because my team ordered them immediately

I’m not entirely familiar with this name of drive train. What is unique about it?

You can direct drive them with a hex shaft which is really nice. The versahub from Vex fits into the wheels we’re using. The GreenHorns Ri3D team will be using pneumatic tires, and when we finish the drivetrain we’ll put out a ton of videos showing it going over the defense’s.

What size of wheel? I would assume you are using the 8" Andymark wheel.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

I think this will help.

On point like usual!

Now that AM is back ordered on Pneumatic tires as well, where else can these be sourced?

Currently, this wheel is in high demand. We had many in stock and we are receiving another supply of tires within two weeks. We are accepting orders for these tires although we may run out of stock soon. Therefore, even though you can purchase this product, it may not ship until 1/22 or 1/25. We apologize for the delay. Please check here for the latest availability info before calling our office.

I’ve seen some of the tires for sale at mobility scooter online stores. My team was looking into ordering them to use with AndyMark hubs and inner tubes but the shipping cost and time to Canada is way too much to be worth it.

They’re Cheng Shin Tire C-968’s. As long as you find 8inch x 2inch mobility scooter wheels I bet they’ll work. (not a guarantee) And I’m sure you can always look around at things like Home Depot or the American version of Canadian Tire and drill hub mounting holes in at least until AndyMark gets more.

If you need them now, you could buy the AM hubs and buy the inner tubes and tires from Amazon. 200 x 50 mm wheels are pretty common. One of these just got delivered so we are going to compare them to the AM tires tonight.

Easy, go contact skyway. They make pneumatic tires of various sizes, 6,8, 12. They don’t list everything on their website though.

This is essentially what we ended up doing, except we ordered the tires from

Surprisingly, the cost ended up being almost identical including shipping to what it would have been from AM without shipping. And… they should be here a week sooner.

Is there a good source for the hubs other than AM? I have seen a lot of rubber tires and tubes or flat-free inserts, but not a lot in the hub department.

Any links to good hubs appreciated (especially if they are cheap and light)


Just got a message that our order (placed Sunday) is shipping, but without the tires. Hubs and inner tubes are apparently coming, though.

Got an email today that they are back in stock. I Placed my order, just in case we go that route. We had enough left over from our shooter in 2014 to prototype with.