Yellow Ball Question

Posted by Raul.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Engineer on team #111, Wildstang, from Rolling Meadows & Wheeling HS and Motorola.

Posted on 10/16/2000 6:08 AM MST

Please verify if my logic is correct:

If there are two yellow balls in scoring positions in one of your ramps, but your robot is touching one of them, then you still get the 10 points for the one you are not touching.

Is this correct?


Posted by Joe Johnson.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Posted on 10/16/2000 8:00 AM MST

In Reply to: Yellow Ball Question posted by Raul on 10/16/2000 6:08 AM MST:

Tricky issue.

I am going to rule that the second yellow ball is not in scoring position (because it is being touched by a robot of the same color designation as the ramp. Therefore, the second yellow ball does not cancel the 10 points scored by the first yellow ball.

Good question.

Joe J.