Yellow cards and replays


Match 10 on Newton saw a yellow card issued for a robot extended above the drivers station. However, it was later announced that the match would be replayed. Is the yellow card vacated or does it stay with the team?


Replay in FIRST terms means the original match never happened, so from what I understand it should be vacated.


Unfortunately, it stays with the team. 12.2.1, right above the audience display graphic.


Yep. Yellow cards are for safety or serious rules violations. If someone gets hurt because a robot is where it should not be, and the match gets replayed, the person doesn’t get un-injured.


conversely, a yellow card could be caused by the field fault, for instance, an elevator being too high in the hab zone may have been caused by extreme field latency.

Doesn’t seem right to me that in that situation the yellow card would stick.


We ran into this at state last year, we received a yellow card for G20 (or last years equivalent) which felt a little unfair anyways since it wasnt really our fault, but we ended up replaying the match and the card stuck after the replay.

Funny thing is, since we got it the first match, they put it in for the replay again, which resulted in us getting a red card even though we only received one yellow card total. They ended up fixing this once they realized once they had done.

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