Yellow Dongle

Where specifically can I find the parts to make the yellow dongle from the white pages section of this site.

I checked but could not find any of the parts listed.

Please Help!

Check Radio Shack…the only important part to the dongle is the 15-pin connector, which is the same as the Joystick ports take. The rest is just a matter of packaging…we actually took a small Project box(approx 1" x 3" x 1") and used that to make our dongle…

I used the 15-pin connector and the hood from the kit to make mine. Jump the two pins for the channel changer and get a small switch from radio shack for the disable function. I just mounted a small toggle switch in the top of the hood and you have a nice little package. Of course you cover the hole in the hood where the cable normally comes out with aluminum because aluminum is cool. :slight_smile:

We’ve had a disable switch for some time now, but it disappeared sometime over the summer. This year, on a slow day, we decided to have some fun. Our disable button is now on a long cord so someone can always have it in hand while testing, and is made out of a aluminum handle machined (by a student, for those who think thats important) to conform to the palm of your hand with a big red button on top. Looks kinda scary, in a way. Almost like its the button to let loose the ICBMs, or something of that nature. :wink:

Anyways, I would definitly recommend something that is VERY easy to get to for use while testing. Never know if a small program change will make your 'bot flip out, or when someone will bump into a control stick.

~Tom Fairchild~

Innovation First told me recently that while the kill switch is going to work (pin 6 to pin 8), the outlook is not so bright for the channel selection (12 to 15) connection.

To guarantee that your dongle(s) will work with this and future years’ interfaces, wire pin 12 (channel select enable - active low) to pin 8 (and pin 6 to pin 8 for a kill switch).

Pin 15 is being reserved for something else, according to Innovation First.

PS, 12 - 15 did work on several of this year’s OIs, but there may be more to it.

Thanks for your help!

Any additional replies will be helpful too.

Thanks again for your helpful insights.