yellow dongle

ok. my team has one of those yellow dongle devices.

we were wondering if anyone new a way so that you ca change the OI channel by using the dongle insted of thechannel dipswitches on the OI. Like, is there a way to connect extra switches to the dongle so you can use them to change the channel instead of the OI channel dipswitches.

And does anyone know the complete pinout of the competition port (what every last pin on it does)

First you need to provide the power to the OI from the Competition port to un-lock all the channels, and being able to select them remotely. I can tell you that pin one is for power. However I wouldn’t attempt giving power, because I don’t know the exact voltage and all that other stuff, and I could seriously damage the OI.

If you do get the OI powered the Competition port, than you have to fiddle with the wires, cross connecting them and such to see what channel you get.

If you ever saw an Arena Controller on an Official field, you select the channel by inputting it by a binary way, much like you input your team # on your OI. This crisis-crosses the wires allowing for the OI to select any channel from 4 to 40.

Innovation FIRST has been reluctant in giving us exact pin-outs of the OI, for the sole reason they want to make money on the arena controllers. This year they have gave us pin-outs, for basically the enable/disable mode and auto mode on/off, and to allow us to select channel 4,13,22,33,and 40 from the channel select on the OI.

I can’t give an exact answer to your question, just basically all I know. But what I do know is not to mess with your OI’s power, because it could seriously damage and void the warrantee on the unit.