Yellow Flashing Jaguar/Victor Lights

Our team has been having jaguar and victor motor problems. With both the Jaguar and Victor motors(not being used at the same time) the status lights flash yellow, for a lack of signal, while doing a tethered benchtop test. The Crio’s link light flashes orange rapidly, but all other lights are working. Everything appears to be wired correctly. I have data wires going from the sidecars to the Jaguar/Victor, and the gray computer cord going from crio port 4 to the sidecar, and an ethernet cord from driver station ETH1 to the Crio’s port 1. I am starting to expect that there is some sort of lurking broken part in my control system, but I am unable to tell what.

All help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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This is indicitave of a robot that is not enabled.

When we flip the enable/disable dongle on the side of the drivers station, the lights on the jaguars/victors do not change to a solid unblinking yellow like they are supposed to, or change colors when the joysticks are pressed.

What does your Driver’s Station say next to “battery” while you are experiencing these issues?

The battery reads N/A. We have not yet updated the firmware on the CRio or the Driver Station.

Are the LEDs on the ethernet ports lit? What color? Not the ones on the top of the Driver Station, but the ones on the actual sockets into which the Ethernet patch cable is plugged.

The Orange light flashes orange rapidly, and the green light is solid. (The ones on the CRio)

What is the green status light on the Digital Sidecar doing? If it is solid green, it means it has a connection to the Driver Station. If it’s flashing, then simply put, it’s not good. If it is flashing, you could have a networking issue.

I dealt with a problem like this for 2 days…networking is not fun.

Don’t forget that you cannot update the software on one part of the system without doing the other. The DS and Crio need to be updated together.


Please note that some flashing sequences (slow blink) are normal.

Please see this page on status light meanings.



Also, it’s not clear that teams are always wiring their RSL per the Power Distribution Diagram. The extra jumper between La and Lb is necessary. Without that jumper (and depending on whether the + output from the DSC is wired to La or Lb), your RSL may always flash.