Yellow jacket motors from gobilda are in some way better of hd hex from rev?

hi! im a ftc competitor from brazil, and i see some robots from other countries using yellow jacket motors, rather than hd hex motors, wich are the most common here, in brazil, and this made me thinking, something in yellow jacket motors are better of hd hex? since in general robots from other countries are better than brazilian ones. thanks for the help!

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There is no difference in performance between the HD Hex Motor, Yellow jacket or Neverest. The real difference is which gearbox you prefer and how easy the wiring is.



This right here. VEX testing found the range of motors to go between 25-29W, and that’s close enough to be a variance in batches. Everything else comes down to whatever build ecosystem you want to work in.


It is really going to depend on what build system you want to use. (That being said either can integrate into the other build system, it will just require more effort and some additional parts)

the only differences I can think of Rev planetary gearboxes are more flexible in that you can change the gear ratio by adding or removing stages, but the gearbox itself is is larger, and that wiring for Rev motors is a bit easier.

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