Yellow / Red Cards Assigned in 2019

Now that we’re about to end week 1, I’m creating this thread for people to report the common yellow/red card infractions they are seeing on the field in 2019. Please don’t name the teams involved – this is just to create a list so teams know we can all understand what the common infractions are and what actions to avoid on the field.


Robot and alliance red card at Gibraltar in the playoffs for jumping the arena wall by a player. It’s so hard to believe that is the right response to that rule.


I saw 3 yellow cards given out to teams who’s technician was within the driver station/communicating with the drive team when they were supposed to be sitting down.


A red card is absolutely the appropriate response. This is a real safety and liability issue and a stern look and polite request that they not do it again does not work.

This is in the manual and it’s mentioned in the driver’s meeting. The teams have been warned twice.

Having the ref say “You’ve been warned not to do that 3 times now, if you do it again I’ll be forced to warn you again” is not the appropriate response.


It’s also not the first year. I could understand leniency when it was a new rule. But people should be used to it by now.


The one I saw was for a team who got a ball stuck it one of their mechanism which cause them to extend too high in the hab zone when trying to climb.

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Contact inside frame perimeter was a big one. Over the rail after warning happened. No-show after passing inspection is a red, and one or two teams picked that one up.


I agree with you, but from what I understand (and I wasn’t on the field so this is second hand information) a volunteer had dropped the gate, and the student walked through the gate onto the field, (not actually jumping the wall) however the lights were not green and they did not get explicit permission from the ref.

I’ve seen it happen before, specifically during Steamworks, where you will get a red card for that. So the real lesson here is WAIT for the green, or the ref ONLY. (In Steamworks a volunteer told someone to go ahead and they still got red carded for it)

That being said, I do feel bad for the team and the student. There was a long delay, the event was way behind and it was obviously just a thoughtless action. (Though, I guess that’s another PSA. Stay vigilant.


Doug, I agree a red card is appropriate. I disagree with the application of it in the playoffs, because it penalizes the two partner teams who had nothing to do with the infraction.

I would rather see a removal of that student for a match or two. It seems very punitive to disqualify an entire alliance.

I agree with a need need for safety, but I also think we should always be looking for ways to improve the system.


I tried to find the replay of that match, but the livestream replay of those few minutes was covered by a standby screen without audio.
I do find it somewhat weird how TBA has a 12>0 score recorded for that match though, was the gate open while the match was running?

All of the teams on that alliance were explicitly allowed onto the field (after a lengthy delay, teams were allowed to recharge pneumatics, etc.). The red card was for a team member jumping over the guardrail when exiting the field. That’s explicitly listed as an egregious S3 violation, so there wasn’t much wiggle room there, unfortunately.

The scores that wound up online are a bit confusing. The red card was given before the second semifinal, so the scores showing up under that match should have been counted towards the third semifinal. We needed to “play” a third match in order to continue to the finals, so the 12-0 isn’t a real score.

We’re talking about stepping over a 19" tall barrier. That’s maybe slightly more dangerous than walking down a flight of stairs.


Mowing you’re lawn is slightly more dangerous than walking down a flight of stairs as well. If you do it improperly, you may still come out fine, but that doesn’t mean it should be ok.

Doing dumb things with lawnmowers is in a different category from stepping over the field rail.

Look, it makes sense that the rules require us to walk in through the gates. That’s a smarter setup than stepping over the wall since once in a while somebody is going to trip.

What I’d appreciate is if people were honest about the low level of risk that stepping over poses. It’s so easy to step over a barrier that size that a kid who’s riding the adrenaline of a competition can step over it without even thinking about it. Human teenagers are pretty agile creatures that can traverse barriers higher and farther than that without much problem, so it’s understandable that once in a while they will go on autopilot and accidentally step over the barrier. They don’t deserve to be vilified for that. The original comment was that disqualifying the entire alliance in the finals is a bit harsh, and I agree.


Also it would be great if the MC, FTA, FTAA, Referee’s and other event officials would follow that rule to lead by example. I can’t count the number of times I have seen someone jump that rail making it look like it is no big deal to everyone watching.


Alright - have at it:

Discussion tomorrow in the Mouth of the South FUN region recap at 8:30pm CST

Should clarify the card: 118 got a red card for launching a hatch (G6)


Anyone know why there are so many DQs in playoffs this year?
I’ve seen about 4-5 already, and this is week 1
I usually see about that many all year


Yellow card for coach over the player station line, yellow for coaching an alliance member, tech foul for coaching by the human player (??).

I didn’t catch any assessed for contact inside the frame perimeter, until semifinals, when a pair got tangled and yellows were assessed to both teams?

Stupid fouls were having mechanisms deployed while on defense, and contact inside the hab zone.

Adults who have done FIRST for years should be used to it. I disagree that a student who’s on the field for the first time should be used to it.

I think the correct approach should be to remove the offending student from the field for some number of games. But maybe this deserves a separate thread.


Not when it comes to liability