Yellow / Red Cards Assigned in 2019



Hey, thanks, but we won’t be selecting. But, they received a red card again yesterday.


I saw a yellow card for a team having control of 2 cargo at a time because one was poped and stuck inside the robot and the second one was in the gripper.


Should this have been called as a red card for a violation of G19? 3673 purposefully went out of their way to knock 6845 over, as is evidenced by them leaving the HAB in order to do so.


Several teams at SFR got yellow cards (one team got a red card from 2 yellows) for reaching inside other robots


Watching that, I can see two interpretations.

  1. They drove off the HAB fully intending to knock over 6845, and succeeded.
  2. They drove to the HAB seeing the time was nearly up, only to realize that the match was super close and they saw one more opportunity to harass the team they’ve been playing defense on for most of the match. Driving cross-field to play that last-second defense, they had enough power to knock-over a slightly top-heavy robot.

As an outside viewer, I think (2) is just as reasonable (if not more so) than (1), and based on how the match ended they needed every bit of defense they could get. They didn’t see that 6845 was starting to tip over and then continue to push them (which almost certainly would’ve earned them the red), but instead delivered a single hard hit that unfortunately tipped them over.


I agree. In addition, it was that single hit that knocked them over. They really didn’t have a chance to back away, or stop the push. It was a fairly quick event that was probably over before their driver could even respond.

I would say even a yellow card isn’t really warranted in that case.


I also agree that a single bumper-to-bumper hit cannot be reasonably interpreted to be “intentionally” knocking over a robot.


Did somebody catch what 254 & co. got their yellow for at SFR? Wasn’t obvious from the video archive and I missed the live match.

Edit: It LOOKS like 254 put their elevator up over the height of the Alliance Station while climbing–Is that it?


Yep, above the Alliance Station.


Let’s look at this in two parts: should they have received a G19 and was leaving the HAB evidence of strategy aimed at destruction/inhibition?

When they left the HAB, the score is 53-53. Red is about to score a 3 point game piece. How do you reach a conclusion their sole purpose was to go tip the robot over? Unless you can reach that conclusion, you cannot say leaving the HAB was evidence of that intent. As others have mentioned here, they can see defensive reasons for leaving the HAB. Now, that doesn’t mean G19 doesn’t apply. It just means you cannot conclusively state leaving the HAB shows this intent.

Should G19 apply? I could make an argument both ways. They hit and didn’t back off immediately when red started to tip. There’s an inherent risk playing defense against a top heavy robot. Because they didn’t immediately pull back, I’d be alright with G19 being awarded. If it is, it cannot be yellow. Red is incapacitated so the discussion is no call or red card without any middle ground.

Depending on which driver station blue was in, they might not have seen red starting to tip until it was too late. While it wasn’t immediate, they did pull back rather quickly.

I’d personally be alright with both calls: red card or no call.


The livestream announced that it was for violating the hab zone height limit - I’m not sure which team on the alliance it was, however.


From the video (props to TBA for having it up so quickly), it looked like 254 right after they finished their climb. They bumped their elevator up just a little bit extra.


Can anyone point to the rule stating “tech foul for coaching by the human player?”


Curious about this one too, I can’t find any references in the manual.


That’s the only part of that you’re confused about?

H9 references crossing the starting line. Violation: Tech Foul
I can’t find anything that references coaching an alliance member. I can’t find anything that limits coaching to a coach.

I’m getting the impression these were more likely misunderstandings than what was actually called.


I have heard of Yellow Cards being awarded under H13 for Technicians leaving their area during a match and going into the alliance station to go relay strategy to a drive team. That might be what they are referring to.


Violating the “duck in the hab zone” rule as well as I had a team just leave because they broke their robot and said there was no point in staying (they still had a match left) so they were issued a red card for not showing up to the match. Why wouldn’t you stay at the comp and work on your robot!


I think so, to. They sounded pretty weird to me at the time, and I should have double checked the rules before throwing them into the thread.


If it wasn’t going to be repaired in time for playoffs, this could be their last event. If so, the bag rules no longer apply and they have plenty of time to work on it without the stress of a deadline. Leaving earlier may have made for a better traveling scenario.

I can see reasons a team would leave.


I checked, they still had another competition. And even if they didn’t, you should still at least be present for your last match as to avoid the red card and you should always no matter what stay for the awards ceremony.