Yellow / Red cards

OK. Now that the regionals are over how many Red or Yellow cards were actually issued? This is not a discussion if they were deserved or not, just curious how many and where.

To my knowledge, only one team (900) received a yellow card at the Palmetto Regional; the card was during qualifying.


Qualifiers : 0 red 0 yellow
Elims : 1 red 0 yellow


Qualifiers : 0 red 2 yellow (I think)
Elims : 0 red 1 yellow

To my knowledge, only one yellow was given at BAE in NH, during quarterfinals. No reds.


@ the Boilermaker Regional:
3 yellows and 0 reds.
1 for tipping and 2 for overly-aggressive driving.

New Jersey and UTC were card free

to my knowlage vegas, san deago, and portland were all yellow & red card free.
how did it work geting a red but no yellow card in philly?

DQ for tipping, didn’t affect the outcome of the match. If you get DQed for any sort of over aggressive driving it is technically a red card. No yellows have to be issued before or afterwards.

I believe that there was 1 yellow card issued at the NYC regional

The brazilian pilot was card free, and in LSR i know that 1 red card was given in the semi(418)…

I do not believe that there were any issued at the Colorado Regional even though the head referee stated that they would be watching closer and giving them out on Saturday.

one yellow at Kansas City (happened to be my team)

I believe there were 2 yellow cards at Buckeye.

I think only 1567 and 250 recived yellow cards at FLR.

didn’t 250 receive 1 in qual and 1 in elims?

Detroit and GLR - zero.

I want to know why the equipment box for the regionals has so many yellow flags in it. It’s not like the team that gets the yellow card keeps the flag with them all weekend, displaying it in the pit or something. You really only would need a maximum of 12, and that’s if everybody in two consecutive matches had gotten a yellow card. In reality, 4-6 would do it.

There was 1 yellow that I know of at LA for aggressive tactics (with the arm)

Well, in Philly the one red card was given in the elimination rounds, for intentional tipping!(for that round all teams of that alliance were DQ’d) And as far as I can remember no yellow cards were given at all.

I just saw they had one. Wasn’t sure when they got it.

One yellow given at the Arizona regional during qual match.