Yes another autonomous question.

I understand where to put the autonmous code in the code, and that the competition port will be used to activate that function at the competition, but I have another question. Would anyone suggest a good way to test the autonomous code we create before the games. Is there anyway to emulate First’s controll throught he competition port? Or are we limited to testing our code in a different function besides the actual autonomous? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I think setting your team number to 0 on the OI triggered autonomous. There are diagrams for a competition port faker which can simulate autonomous mode. Try doing a search.

Yes. There is a document on the IFI web site with exactly what you need. Search the ChiefDelphi Forums for the word “dongle”.

Please see this document.

It probably mentions this in the document (I’m too lazy to look), but it’s important enough to merit another warning. Be VERY careful with what you connect to the Competition port. Some of the pins are connected directly to the processor, and if you connect anything to them, you will instantly fry the OI.

The Competition Port Pinout Guide shows connections to pins 5, 6, 8, and 12 only. It says, in large bold UPPERCASE letters:


Note that for the 2005 OI, grounding pin 12 to enable the alternate radio modem channels is unnecessary (but the alternate channels will only work if the team number is set to 2048 or higher).

Okay, that helps alot, thanks guys. One other question is, what to hook up to it? Will just a button activate it? Or is it something more complex? Thanks.

All you have to do is short the 2 pins, so yes… by wiring a button to the 2 pins for autonomous will allow you to easily turn on and off the autonomous mode using the button. Like Alan said, be VERY careful that you wire the right pins or you could do serious damage to the controller.