YES, so happy!

YES! Today was the 150th aniversy of Highstown, the town my highschools in, and the robot team had a stand in the big carnivale like thing.

During the event we met with 100s of people. One guy came up and asked what help we get in making the robots. I was like one of our parents is a handy man guy and we have our coach and our mentorying coach from 25 my dad, Wayne Cokeley. So he asks us what tools we use. I respond hand tools and a table press. Hes like I own a company with my wife that machines parts for cars. Im like nice. He then goes on to say we can use his machines that take CAD drawling and makes the objects down to .001mm in accuracy. I WAS LIKE OMG! COOL

Then he says I don’t only want to donate my machine time but also all the materials you need to build your robot. At this point I was almost about to cry. I was so happy that we would have a machined part on our robot and get donated so much in supplies.

I just had to tell people cause im so excited!

FIRST is highly contagious!

(now you have infected someone)

awesome news!

My town is too stupid to appreciate us smart peoples.
But anyway, good jarb.

that is sooooooo awesome…congratulations

Wow, what a cool guy. Way to go Tton!

Muahahaha! The virus of FIRST is spreading, way to go Tton! Keep up the great work!

one of those totaly random meetings that Changes everything, Wikid nice!

This year is going to be an awesome season, Erik, but make sure you get started early, and don’t spend a week working solely on strategy so you end up with only a couple hours driving practice before the shipping date :slight_smile:

the team with the purple monkey will succeed in the end

look out for 25’s children this year :slight_smile:

Great news Tton!

Always good to hear about FIRST’s expansions into new businesses.

Yay Hightstown! Great job bringing someone else into the FIRST world. And how wonderful it is that you have someone new who’s willing to give his time and parts to help you out!
Your robot was totally kick-a last year, this year it’ll be even more out-of-sight!

We’re extremely pleased about how much the community is starting to learn about the program. I’ve had a few parents tell me that they saw our robot in the paper (we were in three articles in various local papers during build and competition season). After the turn out at this week’s parent meeting, I’m feeling a bit better about how knowledge of FIRST is growing in our community.

While it’s just a little thing, and we have a long way to go, people are starting to see how amazing it is!