Yes were an odd number!

thanks for posting and ya i ment april and also ya that was suppose ot be a period my bad

the site is

Thanks for looking at our site!

wRong name was on my dads log in sorry


pardon the above posting but my son Erik was just announcing the registration of their new team at Hightstown HS in NJ- team 1089.

Lok out for them at Rutgers this season.


you have no idea how confused i am right now

Congratulations- confusion is just a symptiom of an active mind.

As for the above- just forget it.

so Mr. Cokeley are we team 25 or 1089 i am confused

Gee Big Mike- sniffin’ those lava fumes again Huh?

Get some rest and clear your head big guy. We have games to play in Duel on the Delaware this weekend. The Moehawk awaits us.