Yet another code question using the toggle when pressed command

Cool cool. Well lets see what we can do. Pneumatic or mechanical? What is the physical setup of the thing?

Edit: Looks pneumatic to me.

Pnematic for the launcher and a mechanical feeder yet to be added the current project is adding the LED’s to it using the blinkin driver I’d either want one button to toggle between two modes or have multiple buttons I could toggle on and off to give us different modes if that makes sense

Yea that should be fine. Do you just want a control scheme or are you also sending LED data? Who is hosting the LEDs?

We just have the regular 12 volt non-addressable strips so would just want to send the command saying the “motor” (since from what I understand the Blinkin Driver works like a spark) speed value for the different modes the exact numbers don’t matter yet as I’m not sure which we’ll chose

Ah, got it. Also you’re the guy who was asking about the dead zone code earlier.

yep haven’t gotten to try it but I think what i found should work with value changing honestly not sure though

What type of controller are you using?

Do you have the button nums you would want to use?

the logitech joystick most likely buttons 2-4

Got it.

extreme 3d pro is the specifics matter also thanks for helpign me out

Give this a try.

Thanks I’m taking a look at it now.


Thanks for the help makes sense now and I got a better idea now for my future projects. doing this will definitely help with taking comp-sci at my school next year

Definitely. You will find Robot code is very different from standard java. Feel free to PM me if you need any help with things.

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